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Ohori Grinding Company

Your success is our highest priority
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We can be your specialist in ultra-high

precision grinding

At Ohori Grinding, we fulfill requests for parts that other manufacturers cannot machine, particularly in external and internal grinding as well as taper grinding, which is extremely difficult. We work together with our partner companies to manufacture and prototype complete parts.

  • We process rare metals such as iridium

  • V grooves, R grooves and polyhedral angles are possible

  • Machining of 1 - 100 parts per month is possible

  • We maintain the same quality for each part

  • Aluminum, stainless steels and titanium can be grinded

  • Long, large objects up to a diameter of 600 mm and a length of 2,500 mm can be machined

  • Inner diameter machining from ø 1 mm to large diameters is possible

  • Using a brace for long-length processing, we can achieve precision of less than 0.002 mm

  • We are able to deal with deep, narrow holes


At Ohori Grinding, you are in good hands

Located in the Greater Nagoya Area, the heartland of the Japanese industry, Ohori Grinding serves customers from all over the world.

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