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Ohori Grinding Company

Ohori Grinding Company



For more than 50 years we have refined our techniques and established a healthy company based on craftsmanship and precision.




Stablished by Takashi Ohori Quality is focus on time efficieny and mass production. Exclusive to fast production product line.



Ken Ohori takes the Presidency.

Change of policy to prioritize ultra- high precision quality over mass production.




ISO 9001


JIS Q 9100





Our Business

Our Business

Ohori Grinding is a leading process manufacturer specializing in ultra-high precision grinding of components made of metal and other materials.

We produce parts for a broad range of fields including:

  • Machine tools

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive and F1 racing industry

  • component prototyping

  • Medical

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Located in the heart of Japanese industry, we provide our parts and services not only to local customers, but a base of major international known companies such as:

  • Mazak

  • Kawasaki

  • Mitsubishi

  • Okuma

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Our Values

Our Values

  • Our first responsibility is society and our customers

  • Our customer orders must be serviced prompt and accurate

  • We reduce costs in order to maintain reasonable prices

  • We work with passion

  • We are responsible for our employees; we recognize their merit and offer them grow opportunities

  • We increase pride of MADE IN JAPAN

Keeping Talents

Keeping Talents

Ohori Grinding Company offer alternative jobs in their vertical farming factory in a very clean and safe space for elderly retired employees. This is done to also keep talents in the factory for possible consultation.

The initiative to grow vegetables and edible flowers is in strong coherence with our values to be responsible for society and our employees. The plants are being sold to local restaurants to enrich the plates and the retired employees are recognized as talented and valuable by us.

All kinds of tasteful plants like garlic or watercress, salads like romaine lettuce, endive, red amaranth and edible flowers like viola, pentas, snapdragons and many more are grown in this vertical farming factory in perfect condition throughout the whole year.

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