Grinding challenging parts from millimeters to meters in size, tolerances down to the micrometer level, difficult to grind materials like aluminium, our highly skilled technicians are here for your business.

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OD Grinding

  • With our craftsmen and machines we produce the outer cylindrical or tapered surface you want on your parts

  • OD Grinding is especially challenging with long and narrow parts that require very delicate manipulation to prevent bending during the process

  • Many of our customer orders require an accuracy of 0.001 mm – 0.01mm in roundness, concentricity, or cylindricity. At Ohori Grinding, this is our daily business

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ID Grinding

  • ID Grinding is the direct counterpart of OD Grinding as it deals with the conditioning of inner surfaces

  • We have perfectioned our inner grinding abilities using a steady rest as support

  • Like in grinding OD tapers, ID tapers are one of our customers most requested orders. Tapers are challenging and thus fit well in our philosophy

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Profile Grinding

  • Profile grinding requires high skilled craftsmen who we provide, to grind the shapes it needs to guarantee the functionality of your parts

  • With our four NC profile grinder, we grind electrodes, various prototypes of square and round parts and special bits all from single batch sizes

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Surface Grinding

  • Flat surfaces are produced using our nine surface grinding machines

  • Handling challenging parts which warp is part of the knowledge at Ohori Grinding

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Jig Grinding

  • With jig grinding, we grind various sizes of holes to match the precise tolerance required

  • Support for ellipses and key grooves shaped parts is also offered

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